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Puppy looking up at you.

About Us

Hairy Fox

Some of you may know Hairy Fox! He is Dr. Fox's Border Collie, and our lovable greeter and mascot! He is full of energy, cuteness (he knows it), and he loves reading!

Our Guarantee: Just what your pet needs for a healthy life 

Vaccinations tailored to your pet’s lifestyle: 

  • No “one policy fits all”.  Why should your pet get a vaccine for a disease she won’t come in contact with? 

  • We follow the AVMA, AAHA, and veterinary universities’ recommendations for vaccinations: not some corporate accountant.

  • No add-on “needle disposal” or “medical waste” fees to raise your bill. When we quote you our fees, you won’t have any add-on surprises.

  • If we recommend a particular treatment for your pet, you can be absolutely certain that your pet needs it.

We Love Your Pets

We love your pets more than anything here at Elmwood Grove Animal Hospital. We pride ourselves on providing the best care that we possible can to ensure that they live their life to the fullest.

Our veterinarians and staff will always have the best interest of you and your pet in mind, and we look forward to continuing our service to the River Grove community and the surrounding areas.