Elmwood-Grove Animal Hospital

8035 West Grand Avenue
River Grove, IL 60171



Cat H.


Dr. Fox and Dr. H are great. Recommend them to anyone looking for a good vet on the northwest side or any major procedure for your pet.

Posted 01/28/2015 00:00 on Yelp

Anne D.


I was a client of EGAH for close to 20 years with 2 different dogs and can't say enough good things about it. Even after I moved to Carol Stream, I continued to bring my dog back to River Grove because I didn't trust anyone else with his care. The entire staff, especially Dr. Heneghan, are simply amazing. I highly recommend EGAH.

Posted 01/27/2015 00:00 on Yelp

Mariana P.


I usually never write reviews and this is probably my 3rd one ever. I found this vet thru reviews and an Internet search after my usual vet could not see my dog until later in the day. My 14 yr old pitbull Popeye suddenly couldn't move his hind legs the night before and would cry out in pain whenever he tried to get up. Hes older and has more health problems but so far they have all been manageable. Long story short after the vet examined him we decided to make the very difficult decision to euthanize him. The vet was wonderful though very thorough when explaining to us our options and choices. He seemed genuine and very comforting. Sorry in the midst of losing my baby i forgot the vets name but I would highly recommend this vet. I plan to take switch my other pup here now.

Posted 11/28/2014 00:00 on Yelp

Rebecca H.


Love this hospital! I've been bringing my babies here from the day they rescued me. They are always like family. Very thorough, professional, and loving. Highly recommend.

Posted 03/30/2014 00:00 on Yelp

Maria M.


Dr Erika Hayes is wonderful. My dog has a hematoma and my old vet only option was surgery which im against. She definitely gave us options other than surgery which was great. She's very thorough about your pets health which I appreciated. We definitely just found our new vet.


Monika K.


I've been to 2 other animal hospitals and this one was by far the best one! I have a 9 year old yorkie and he's absolutely terrified of going to the vet. Dr. Haynes was amazing!!! She's completely honest, thorough, and just a pleasure to talk to. I definitely recommend this place and I recommend Dr. Haynes. I will definitely be going back!

Posted 02/20/2014 00:00 on Yelp

Janice r.


We rescued a dog in August and we love her but her constant itching was driving us crazy. We went to three vets for help and none of them solved the problem. I complained a friend who said, you need to go to the right vet--and she was right. Dr Hayne was lovely- animated, knowledgable, and my dog loved her. She was pro-active and made me feel like Lucy was in good hands. It's a bit of a drive but if I would do it for my family members, I would do it for my dog....

Posted 10/29/2013 00:00 on Yelp

Chris M.


I have trusted the lives of my dogs to Dr. Fox, Dr. Heneghan, & Dr. Haynes without any regrets whatsoever. I have had as many as 4 dogs at one time and entrusted each of them to the staff at E/G. The team at E/G treat me and my dogs like family. I will continue to take my dogs here with the reasurrance that the continued health of my pets is a priority. Do not be disswayed by the other posts of being "expensive". All vets are "expensive". What's more important than expensive is "effectiveness". I cannot think of another team of Animal Hospital that could be any better than the guys at E/G.

Posted 02/06/2013 00:00 on Yelp

Kat A.


We live on the northwest side of Chicago, but the ride to Elmwood Grove AH is well worth the trip. The docs are all extremely accommodating and are wonderful, caring and extremely knowledgeable! We have multiple dogs and they take care of each breed like it's the only dog in the world and give great advice for a healthy life! During our inevitable trips to transition our "kids" to the Rainbow Bridge, they stand by you each step of the way. Their very loving afterlife touches and sentiments are so very heartfelt. Although they deal with loss and suffering every day, their support for each individual client (family member) is outstanding. We highly recommend them!!

Posted 10/20/2012 00:00 on Yelp

katy l.


We drive out of our way, past many other veterinary clinics, for the folks at Elmwood-Grove Animal Hospital, and they are TOTALLY worth it. We've been taking our adopted dog, Willow, there for the past year and have never had anything but great experiences with the front desk staff, vet techs, Dr. Hayne, or Dr. Fox. Dr. Hayne is warm as can be, and took the time to answer all the questions we had as first time dog owners. We saw Dr. Fox last time we visited, and he was fantastic. We let him know our dog sometimes has issues with men, and he was calm as a cucumber, which in turn made our dog as calm as she could be on a cold metal table getting needles stuck in her :) By the end of our visit, she was taking treats and doing tricks for Dr. Fox. He took extra time to look at our dog's gait after our trainer made a comment that her hips might be susceptible, and assured us she looked good, while letting us know what to look out for in the future. The front desk staff is above-and-beyond. They are always quick with a warm greeting, and when I called this past weekend to ask if we could give our dog a leftover prescription we had when an eye condition came back, I got off the phone and felt a million times better. She assured me the medicine was okay to give her, told me to call if she wasn't looking better in a couple days, and that I was a good mama! Just the medicine I needed (and our pup too). We've never had an issue getting in to see them. They keep really great hours for working pet owners. And, their prices seem totally reasonable to me, especially when you consider the quality of service you're getting. Love it here.


Linda M.


We have been taking our pets here for 30 + years. Have never had a bad experience. They are the best! Very compassionate! Dr. Fox is probably the best vet around!

Posted 01/25/2012 00:00 on Yelp

arc g.


My new puppy and I are exploring many new and uncharted territories. One of those is making sure that we find the right people to help me care for her. This is a tough task since she is kind of shy and scared when we meet new people, especially when they are going to make her personal space a bit crowded. Nonetheless, our visit to the folks at Elmwood Grove was simply great. Talk about putting us both completely at ease. Lauren at the front desk was great from the initial call for an appointment to my return with a poop sample. She was helpful and accommodating. We were able to get an appointment right away and one that was practical for our schedule. When we left, Lauren made sure we had everything we needed, including a great full size mug shot of my puppy and our own personalized care tips. Cindy was patient and gentle as she helps us through the initial assessment. Dr. Hayes could not have been better. Her smile made us both feel totally safe and comfortable. My puppy got her two shots, got her belly rubbed and even got her gums inspected. I was pleased that my puppy's ears were totally clean and free of stuff. The entire visit was not necessarily how we expected to spend an early hour or so on a Saturday morning but it certainly was a pleasure. When we left, I thought wow, too bad I'm not a puppy. My own (human) doctor's office isn't this nice. We would totally recommend Elmwood Grove to anyone who truly wants to be around people who care about you and your pet.

Posted 08/07/2011 00:00 on Yelp

Drea S.


It doesn't get any better!! Thanks to all of you for the love and care you have given my kids all these years!! Woof!!!

Posted 10/03/2010 00:00 on Yelp

Patty V.


I love all three of the docs here! They are all excellent and very up to date on the latest treatments and options for the dogs. Our female has Nocturnal Urinary Incontinence(Okay...she pees in her sleep...). She was in a Clinical Trial for a medication that was already proven to work in daytime incontinence. She is now able to have dry nights and I no longer have to change the sheets at 3AM..yay! Everyone is happy!

Posted 07/11/2010 00:00 on Yelp

Jessica L.


We love this place. They are like a family away from home for our little dog. He is there often enough and gets along well with the owner's dog so he gets to run around and play while he is there. They offer very reasonable boarding for small dogs. Their exams and reasonably priced as well. I recommend the office to everyone who is looking for a vet.




The best. Have taken my dogs here for many years. Kind, compassionate, listen and respect the needs animals and the owners considerations and points of view.Always feel I am dealt with honestly. Very friendly and very informed.The entire staff is tops!

Posted 01/19/2010 00:00 on Yahoo Local

Amy H.


I've been taking my Puggle here since we got her and they just dote over her. She loves going there and even tries to go inside when we walk past it on her neighborhood walks. My friend that is a vet up on the north shore recommended Elmwood Grove and we have never regretted it. My neighbors takes her dogs here too and feels the same way. Yay for Drs. Fox, Heneghan and Haynes! It's funs to see them on Channel 5 in the morning too. Truffle "talks" to them when she sees them on TV. Too funny!

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This place ROCKS! You owe it to your pet to bring them to this vet. The vet and the staff are awesome.

Posted 11/15/2008 00:00 on Yahoo Local



Friendly stuff, great doctor who really appreciated my dog :D I was positively surprised with the visit. Recommended.