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Elmwood-Grove Animal Hospital - Our Staff

Holiday Party 2012 ... we forgot to take a picture! 

But we have one from Lauren's Farewell Dinner in February 2013

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Thomas, Dr. Fox, Michelle, Dr. Haynes, Niki, Rafal, Liz, Geri, Dr. Heneghan, Tina, Lauren, Maria, Lisa, Stacy, Blanka and Franny.

Holiday Party 2011

Pictured from left to right: Geri, Michelle, Dr. Heneghan, Niki, Dr. Fox, Tina (Version 2.0), Lisa, Liz, Lauren, Dr Haynes

Not Pictured: Brandy, Blanka, July, and Rafal

Holiday Party 2010

Pictured from left to right: July, Dr. Heneghan, Michelle F, Rafal, Cindy, Lisa, Blanka, Michelle B, Dr. Fox, Dr Haynes, Brandy, Lauren, Stacy

Not Pictured: Tina, Liz, Niki

Holiday Party 2009

 Pictured from left to right: Michelle, Lauren, Dr. Haynes, Liz, Brandy, Blanka, Lisa, Dr. Fox, Niki, Dr H., Carlina

Not Pictured: Tina, Rafal and July

Holiday Party 2008

Top Row: Liz, Blanka, Dr. Heneghan, Lisa, Niki, July, Brandy

Bottom Row: Lauren, Dr. Haynes, Dr. Fox, Mandy, Tina

Not Pictured: Rafal, Michelle

Holiday Party 2007

Top Row - Left to Right: Dr. Fox, Dr. Heneghan, Rafal, Dr. Haynes, Lauren, July, Blanka, Brandy, Niki, Liz

Bottom Row - Left to Right: Mandy, Lisa, Tina

Congratulate Michelle September 2011!!!

Michelle, our wonderful veterinary technician, is leaving us to be a registered nurse at Northwestern!

Congrats Michelle!!! All your hard work has paid off!!!