Elmwood-Grove Animal Hospital

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  • If your pet isn't getting better... 
  • If your vet isn't explaining things clearly enough for you to understand...  
  • If you feel that you are not getting proper value for your dollars...
    If your regular vet won't take the time to call you back...
  • If a specialist has suggested a treatment that you can't afford ...

...You NEED a 2nd opinion!

If you are a pet lover who is confused by what your vet has (or hasn't) told you, if there are things on your estimate that just don't seem right, if your pet is getting the recommended treatment but still isn't getting better

We can help!! We can't guarantee we can cure your pet, but we promise:

  • An appointment with an experienced and compassionate veterinarian who will listen to what you have to say
  • An thorough examination by that veterinarian who will be considerate of the needs of both your pet and you
  • A treatment plan that includes only those services and products your pet actually needs
  • A FREE estimate before we do anything beyond the exam and
  • Usually considerably lower prices than the specialists on complicated surgical and medical procedures like bladder stone surgery, mass or tumor removal, cruciate ligament surgery,  laryngeal paralysis surgery, heart or lung surgery, hernia repair, chemotherapy, snorting or snoring surgery (for short-nosed dogs--and cats!).

Help us help you and your pet.  Call us now at (708) 456-6700

Note: in order for us to keep your fees as low as possible and not repeat tests unnecessarily, we need to see your pet's medical history. Please let us know the name of your old vet when you call so we can obtain the record.